The Florida Institute for Political Leadership is a new initiative by the Florida Chamber of Commerce to recruit, train and provide campaign training to candidates across the State of Florida.

It’s non-partisan, it is free, and open to everyone. We are not asking you to hire us. We are asking you to partner with us to secure Florida’s future.

The cost is free. We cover all costs, materials and speakers associated with the training or campaign schools. The Institute will partner with local Chambers of Commerce, and other interested groups, to host the schools. Candidates who are currently running for office or current elected officials who wish to attend the school will be required to pay a nominal fee to comply with contribution and gift laws.

The impacts of COVID-19 have adjusted how and when we host the campaign schools. Beginning in the spring of 2020, we plan on hosting online schools and training.  The schedule will be made available on our website at Schools are being scheduled through December 2022 (next 3 years).

The Florida Institute for Political Leadership aims to partner with local chambers of commerce and community organizations to host the schools. The schools will be hosted online through the use of Zoom technology. We have private and secure online meeting rooms for the schools and training. Attendees can join from their home or work as long as they have access to internet and a quiet place to participate in the program.

Typically, schools are made up of 25-30 attendees but we can accommodate up to 50 attendees at time, depending on the size of the location and interest.

The schools are open to leaders in the community who want to know how to enter public office, want to serve on local boards or appointed positions or are considering running for office in the future. It also can help current elected officials. We are seeking people who want to serve their community and Florida.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we are currently providing online schools and training. The school is broken up into a three day 2.5 hour session per day program. Over the course of the school, each day will focus on the important milestones of the campaign – how to prepare to run for office; how to build the winning campaign organization; and voter communications. For more information, please see our Institute page.

The campaign school is a three-day, 2.5 hour per day online training program. Depending on the host chamber or organization, the schools will be conducted in the morning, mid-day or in the evening. All you need is your computer with camera and audio functions and a good internet connection.

The campaign schools are broken up into three different sessions.

Local and State Issues: We will discuss Florida and local issues and help candidates understand where they can get more information and resources on topics that impact their community.

Preparing to Run: We teach you how to prepare to run for office in the future. Candidates who are looking to run for office one to three years in the future will learn how to get an early start and prepare themselves now.

How to Run and Win: Our campaign schools consist of an A to Z overview on how to run for office today. The campaign school modules include planning, budgeting, voter targeting, communications, get out the vote and how to run early voting and vote by mail programs. We also cover election laws and campaign compliance.

The schools will be taught by non-partisan political professionals selected by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Subject matter experts will also be invited to attend and share their experience during particular classes, including University Political Science Professors. The school will also feature a chamber presentation or speaker about the Florida 2030 plan.

All educators will have no conflicts of interest with any local candidates or races and they are not looking to get hired or sell any services. This is educational and does not compete with consultants or other vendors services campaigns will use.

Our focus is local. Our goal is simple: We want to recruit better candidates across the State of Florida who want to run today or in the future.

Go to our contact page at and sign up today and get started.